Speaker Presentations

Pre-Symposium: March 6, 2018

PS1. Putting the Parts Together: Wheelchair Seating, Mobility and Assistive Technology to Enchance Quality of Life
Jan Furumasu, Robyn Buckner, Christine Mata, Kathleen Shanfield

PS2. Power Wheelchair Alternative Driving Methods
Michelle Lange

PS3. A Clinical Process for Custom Contoured Seating: Ensuring Successful Outcomes
Case Study Handout
Kelly Waugh

PS5. "I Hate This Chair": Translating Common Power Wheelchair Challenges into Practice Solutions
Emma M. Smith, Brenlee Mogul-Rotman, Tricia Garven

PS6. Hello, Tech Support? How Do I Get My Wheelchair to Control My World?
Jennith Bernstein, Leah Barid

PS7. Lifting and Separating: How to Implement a 24-Hour Positioning Program
Lauren Rosen, Lee Ann Hoffman

PS8. Adaptive Sports: Practicalities vs. a Physiotherapist Approach to Modifications
Carina Siracusa, Andrea Stump, Jeremy Finton, Brad Burns

PS9. Dynamic Seating: Enhancing Participations Through Movement
Jessica Presperin Pedersen, Michelle Lange, Susanne Eason

Main Conference: Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Finding Your True Dream, The North Star for Your Life
Glenda Watson Hyatt

What is Patient-Orientated Research?
Bonita Sawatzky

Discovering Uses for "Big Data": A Descriptive Study Provision of Complex Rehabilitation Technology
Susan Johnson Taylor, Stephen Springle

Paper Session 1

Salon 2i. Pressure and Nutrition as Risk Factors on the Development of Pressure Injuries for Individuals with a Spinal Cord Injury
Carmen DiGiovine

Salon 2v. How Are the Surfaces and Shape Important to Prevent Pressure Sores?
Martino Avellis

Instructional Session B

B3. Seating for Tone Management
Jo-Anne Chisholm, Joanne Yip

B4. Mentoring for Intermediate level Wheelchair Service Providers
Mary Goldberg

Main Conference: Thursday 7, 2018

Nothing About Us Without Us: How Can Disability Studies Inform Seating and Mobility Provision?
Heather Feldner, Kayla Brown

Power Mobility Prescription and Training for All
Lisa Kenyon, Emma Smith

Paper Session 2

Salon 3ii. Development and Implementation of a Hybrid Wheelchair Workshop for Clinicians in International Settings
Mary Goldberg

Instructional Session C

C3. Documentation LIFE Preserver
Part 2
Dan Fedor

Maximizing Interprofessional Learning with Patients
Angela Towle, Cathy Kline, Elise Cantner, Chris Hofley, Hilary Brown

Main Conference: Friday 8, 2018

Instructional Session E

E5. Using the Wheelchair Components Questionnaire for Condition and the Aspects of Wheelchair Mobility Test to Assess Manual Wheelchairs: A Practical Workshop
Karen Rispin, Larry Raymond, Bridey Davis, Natalie Dottle, Joel Noble

Wheelchair Provision and Skills Training - Lessons from Nepal and Uganda
Amira Tawashy