Speaker Presentations

Pre-Conference: Tuesday, March 1, 2016

PS1.  Using Biomechanical Principles in the Management of Complex Postural Deviations in Sitting
Part 1
Part 2

Joel M Bach, Kelly Waugh

PS2.  Laying the Foundation of Wheelchair Seating and Mobility AssessmentsPatricia Tully, Diane Thomson, Sheila Blochlinger

PS4. Pediatric Power Mobility - Increasing Options for Early Independent Mobility
Roslyn W Livingstone, Debra A Field, Scott Langmead, Ginny S Paleg, Tim Adlam, Nina Evans
Full Report on Power Mobility for Preschool Children

PS5.  Applying Current Evidence to Clinical Practice for Pressure Management in Wheelchairs and Seating
Laura Titus, Jennifer Birt


Main Conference: Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Plenary: Clinical Aspects of Aging with Disability
Susan Johnson Taylor

A4. Using the Wheelchair Skills Test (WST) and Wheelchair Skills Test Questionnaire (WST-Q) to Assess Manual and Powered Wheelchair Users – A Practical Workshop
R. Lee Kirby, Cher Smith

A5. Power Wheelchair Driving Methods for People with Muscle Weakness
Michelle L Lange

Paper Session #1 Salon 1i. Power Wheelchair Mobility Training for Young Children
Timothy Caruso

Paper Session #1 Salon 1ii. Predictors of Proficient Power Mobility in Young Children with Severe Motor Impairments
Shelley R H Mockler

Paper Session #1 Salon 2i. Impact of Transfer Training Among Full Time Pediatric Wheelchair Users
Ian Rice

Paper Session #1 Salon 2iii. Impacts of Different Types of Wheelchair Backrests on the Propulsion Performance on Manual Wheelchair Propulsion: An Exploratory Study
Guy Robert

Paper Session #1 Salon 2v. Experienced Fatigue, Pain and Instability During Sitting in Persons with Chronic Spinal Cord Injury
Linda Valent

Paper Session #1 Salon 3ii. Air-Cell-Based Cushions Protect Seated Bariatric/Diabetic Patients: Computer Simulation Studies
Kara Kopplin

Paper Session #1 Salon 3iii. Systematic Development of a Clinical Wheelchair Assessment Checklist
Vince Shiappa, Mark Schmeler, Richard Schein

Paper Session #1 Salon 3v. Clinical Utility and Therapists’ Perceptions of Shared Control for Powered Mobility Assessment and Training
Emma M Smith

B1. Arthrogryposis – Challenges & Solutions When A Non progressive Diagnosis Progresses
Kay E Koch, Stephanie Tanguay

B3. Standing Up to Complications of Spinal Cord Injury/Disease
Ginger Walls


Main Conference: Thursday, March 3, 2016

Plenary: Wheelchair Skills Assessment and Training- What in the World is Going On!?
R Lee Kirby

Panel: Progressive Conditions: The Personal Journey
Gary Schroeder

Paper Session #2 Salon 1i. A New Trial of All Rental Wheel Chairs and Walking Aid Devices in Kaikukuki (Subacute) Rehabilitation Hospital
Mikio Sumida, Koji Oka, Hongseon Yang

Paper Session #2 Salon 1iii. Manual Wheelchair Data Logging: Outcomes Challenges and Barriers
François Routhier

Paper Session #2 Salon 2iii. A New Approach to Pressure, Friction, Chear and Microclimate Management in Wheelchair Seating – Imagine the Possibilities
Mark J. Payette

Paper Session #2 Salon 2iv. Heat Dissipation in a Custom Molded Seating System
Lynore McLean, Irene Schmid

Paper Session #2 Salon 2v. Whole Body Vibration Measurement System for Power Wheelchairs
Carmen P. DiGiovine, Sandra A. Metzler

Paper Session #2 Salon 3iii. Feasibility of a Peer-led, Self-Efficacy Enchanced Wheelchair Training Program for Older Adults: Study Protocol of a Randomized Controlled Trial
Krista L. Best

C1.  Em-POWERment: Power Mobility Training Methods for Children and Adolescents with Multiple Severe Disabilities
Lisa K. Kenyon, John P. Farris

C2.  ISO Performance Standard for Postural Support Devices: What Should I Know?
Kelly Waugh

D2. My First Wheels: An Evaluation of a Novel Powered Mobility Device for Use in Early Intervention
Scott Langmead

D3. Shoulder Evaluation and Intervention for Manual Wheelchair Users
Wendy M. Koesters, Carmen P. DiGiovine

D4.  What’s New in Medicare Reimbursement?
Elizabeth Cole


Main Conference: Friday, March 4, 2016

Plenary: Ethically Prescribed Technology
Linda Norton

E5. The Clinician Scientist in the Seating and Mobility Clinic: A Foundation for Education, Research and Clinical Practice
Theresa F. Berner, Bonnie Sawatzky, Carmen P. DiGiovine, Tina Roesler

F5.  Wheeling in the City: Mobility & Environmental Access Considerations across the Globe
Elaine Vivianne Toskos