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Glenda Watson Hyatt

Glenda Hyatt

Resulting from a lack of oxygen at birth, Glenda has cerebral palsy, mostly affecting her muscle coordination, balance and speech. However, labeled as functionally nonverbal and using a wheelchair for mobility hasn’t prevented Glenda from living her life to the fullest. Raised without the word "can’t" allowed, only "try," her parents made a conscious effort to introduce Glenda to the world and the world to Glenda. As a family with her three younger brothers, they went to parades, camping, snowshoeing (with Glenda in a sled, wrapped in a rescue blanket to stay warm) and any other outings her parents could afford.

Glenda Watson Hyatt will share her experiences living with cerebral palsy to motivate and inspire others to think about how they perceive their own situation and their own world around them. She does all this by typing with only her left thumb!